Case Study Fences R Us

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Case Study: Fences R Us

1. You will need a partner: The fact that you are running the business by your own demands a lot of different things that you have to do all by yourself, delegate the secondary tasks to a new person could be a great possibility.
2. Long working hours: You can feel stack in a long day of work, a good thing for your business could it be arrange a time for start and also a time to finish, so you will know what is the time to go home.
3. You will explore in a different fields: The possibility to change and explore in a different things could be exciting and it will bring the opportunity to learn new skills.
4. Routine: This is the reason for many people to feel unmotivated, the fact that you are doing the same job for many years could be one of this reasons, start doing something different try to do the job and explore in many ways that you don’t feel stack in the same point.
5. Try to share and speak with colleagues: the opportunity to share experiences or events that happens on the daily basis with colleagues opens a new window to know new people that maybe could have the same interest and situations that you have.
6. Organization: If you own and run the business that means you have to sort all the obligations or duties that the job required like banking, speak over the phone or solve different problems that will occur.

2. The demands for one morning will be the followings:

Check the clients lists for the day and organize it for suburbs
Prioritize the clients for time estimated to get the job done.
Make sure the client requests are all clear to avoid wasting time.
Get the appropriate equipment for the specific job.
Buy all the materials required and have spare ones for any unexpected situation.
Be on time at the client premises and start preparing the ground to have a clean and tidy area, this makes the location easy to do a good job.
Start with the job, doing all the things you usually do and make sure by the end of the day the client is satisfied with what you have done.

4. 5 activities to reduce stress to maintain a healthy work life balance.

Create a boundary between balancing work and personal time, try to leave work at work where possible and don’t mixed with your personal life.
Maintain a healthy life style, look after yourself and your family, eat well, sleep well and set aside a little time to exercise or pursue an activity that you enjoy.
Manage your time effectively, review job activities, set your priorities in order .
Go for a planning holidays, that will keep your mind set to know when you and your relatives will go out to spare some time outside the job.
Make sure you have some time during a busy week to go and watch a movie or dinner to give a fresh air and get the body a rest.

5. Fences R Us

Customer Feedback.

Was the job what you were expecting to be?

What improvements to our service would you suggest?

Was the tradesman polite during the services ?

Was the job done in time?

Would you refer us to a friend? Yes

If no please advice why.

Was the property left in clean and tidy manner?

Do you think the price was correct, according with what you wanted and the results?

Australasian Fence Industry Association (AFIA) Fencing Contractors Australia Fencing Contractors Association Also can find different type of information looking for Rotary Groups or Association for Small Business.

Training: To expand you business you always have to keep updated and trained in any skill you will need, you can have a course or trained in Customer Service, Internet Marketing, or different kind of new material or source used in fence building.

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