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Audience: young audience , most likely to be children. It a very adventurous cartoon with monsters and is about a mission. People who like monsters

Genre: comedy, action , sci-fi. The movie is an animation Denotation: bright coloured font
Contrast background form dark to light,
DreamWorks company logo.
Big robotic monster at the back with a red eye , a girl standing in the middle of the poster , other characters of the movie standing in front of her.
Space like background behind with stars

Eye-catching font , very bright colours as children like bright colours because it attracts their attention rather that dull colours which they don't find interesting. Low-angle shot to emphasise the persons status to make them seem more in charge and braver and make them seem as they have more strength. Long – shot to show full body length and to show their size

Directed by
Conrad Vernon
Rob Letterman
Produced by
Lisa Stewart
Written by
Maya Forbes
Wallace Wolodarsky
Rob Letterman
Jonathan Aibel
Glenn Berger producer: Film company: Produced by DreamWorks
Animation and distributed by Paramount

Costume lighting props Franch tingd

Red eye to represent danger
Big colourful font to represent a fun movie
The blue monster is smiling which could represent friendliness The green monster could represent that her is a laidback character because of his position
The characters with her can be her companions
The big monster could represent danger because of its size compared to the others
The contrasts from light to dark could represent good to bad
The colours of the font l can represent the characters e.g. aliens are green/blue

Angle sho
Directed by
Produced by
Connotation denaotation Genre: romance , comedy Denotation: