Assess The Importance Of Caritas

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Caritas is an International Catholic organisation, built on helping and supporting people that live in developing countries. Caritas was named after a Latin word meaning love and compassion, which is reflected in their core values of compassion, hospitality and mercy. Caritas is unique, in that it focuses on empowering people to overcome poverty through education. Their education programs are built on the foundation of teaching people to ‘help themselves’ so they don’t need to rely on charity. Cartias’ school programs integrate personal development, for example learning how to cook, clean and keep good hygiene as well as professional development such as learning sustainable farming and agriculture techniques to support their family and their community.

Compassion is when somebody helps provides for people who are suffering. Caritas shows compassion by how they put people in developing countries that have nothing first. Caritas also raises awareness about how other people are suffering with the horrible living conditions that they are in. Compassion responds to God’s call through the scripture reference Psalm 146, “He gives food
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Caritas shows hospitality by how they build schools. Caritas raise money to buy equipment. This is hospitable because Caritas are welcoming children of all ages into the schools they built to give them an education. Hospitality is shown in the scripture reference Psalm 146, “he is the maker of heaven and earth, the sea and everything in them”. Hospitality is shown in this scripture reference by how God is sharing his creations with us. God has made this wonderful world and been hospitable to us by letting us live here. The scripture reference is relevant to society today by how many people adopt children and provide with a happy childhood. It is also relevant by how we help friends who are going through finical problems and provide them the basic necessities for