Assess the importance of hand-held technology and its influence upon mental health nursing practice and decision making Essays

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Assess the importance of hand-held technology and its influence upon mental health nursing practice and decision making Numerous studies have confirmed the utilization of PDAs by nursing students in the clinical domain supported, and improved their knowledge. Incorporating the flexible utilization of PDAs in the nursing syllabus has confirmed to be helpful. Numerousviews are on going in an effort to connect theory and practice. The currentopening of Smartphone skills into clinical domain has proven its possibility to offer more students educationchances, come up with modern educating practices and uphold current information in nursing (Wu & Lai, 2009). There are advantages and limitations of the utilization of Smartphone in nursing, but many people suggest that the meritsprevail over the demerits. Numerous nursing learners are utilizing Smartphone’s in diverse ways because it is assisting them in their nursing care. Instead of getting information from numerous written text books, the nursing learners can ask their Smart phone gadget, which contains numerous textbooks. They can simply find drug information, looking at nursing measuresthrough podcast prior to performing the medical procedure. This has helped in promoting patient protection and lessening medication mistakes. The Smartphone’s are helpful for nursing learners and healthcare professionals to utilizeas answering patient queries at the bedside (Thede & Sewell, 2010).
A number of the questions that come up with the utilization of Smartphone in the clinical domain are (a) are learners searching for information connected to education work and patient care or areFace bookingfriends. (b) Will the patients feelsecure with a nurse or a learner referring to information from their Smartphone? (c) Will students be learning from the Smartphone or will they be looking for information to give a response. Purpose The aim of this document is (a) to establish the efficiency of Smartphone’s in the clinical domain and investigate Smartphone technology and its outcomes on nursing field. Smartphone’s assists nursing learners get information swiftly. In the clinical domain, nursing learners have limited access to computers and are not capable to move around with their heavy textbooks. Utilizing a Smartphone can shorten the experience of learners in a clinical domain and might help sustain their education in connecting theory and performance through their clinical practices. Learners have information and orientation apparatus at hand instead of having to manually peruse through books or going to a cybercafé to look for information. Review of Related Literature When tackled with the necessity to search for drug information when in the medicine area, does a student get first for the drug textbook that may be outdated, or go to the nurses desktop computer to look for information or is it the Smartphone? Many researchers are using mobile gadgets as investigative tools. Smartphones are now usually the first area people turn whilelooking for information (Murphy, 2010). At the start, thepurpose of Smartphones was merely recreational. They were utilized for emailing, calling, immediate messaging, calendar, and looking at YouTube videos. With the obviousupgrading, they can be used in the nursing curriculum to connect learners and support learning all the time and everywhere.Nursingteaching has also taken advantage of this technology. Instructors are conversing and sharing ideas with their students in the clinical domain with the help of Smartphone technology.
Utilizing wireless connectivity in class, instructors can get instant response to decide if students have understood key ideas (Philippi & Wyatt, 2010). In the clinical domain, learners can simply access orientation tools and resources such as dosage calculators, clinical domain and view podcasts before performing skills. It contains necessary clinical details to the bedside and advances their