Assess Your Readiness For Academic Success

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University of Phoenix Material
Assess Your Readiness for Academic Success
The following statements will help you get an idea of how, as you begin this course, you perceive yourself as a student. For each statement, select the number that feels right to you, from 1 for “not true at all for me” to 5 for “absolutely true for me.”

1 I see the connection between the effective study skills I learn today and my  future academic, career, and life success.
2 I set effective short- and long-term study goals that will help me manage  my workload.
3 I manage my time effectively and control any tendency to procrastinate. 
4 I am aware of what causes me stress and I take steps to reduce it. 
5 I am aware of my personal learning style, and I choose study strategies  that take advantage of my strengths and minimize my weaknesses.
6 I understand the components of critical thinking and use critical-thinking  skills to get the most from my work.
7 I take a systematic approach to reading and studying. 
8 I am aware of various note-taking styles and techniques and use the  ones that help me to best take down and retain information.
9 I use listening and memory techniques that work best for me. 
10 I approach writing assignments with a plan and with enough time to  carry it out.
11 I know and use the strategies that help me do my best on tests. 
12 I understand and use a research strategy when doing library or 
Internet research.

Total your answers here: 60
If your total ranges from 12 to 27, you consider your academic readiness/awareness to be low.
If your total ranges from 28 to 44,