Essay on Assess the Biomedical and Socio-Medical Models of Health

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I am going to write a report assessing the strengths and weaknesses of the biomedical and socio-medical models of health.
Biomedical model of health
Biomedical model of health is an approach which eliminates psychological and social factors (environment) but only comprises biological issues in trying to recognize or understand an individual`s medical illness/disorder. The biomedical model of health looks upon treatment in expression of changing the body by medical intervention forms. Also this model seeks to look at what is wrong and fix that part of individual as it focuses on illness rather than health as well as diagnosing an individual`s illness.
Strengths of Biomedical model of health
One of biomedical model of health`s strengths
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Strengths of socio-medical model of health Socio-medical model of health has great focus and concentration on social factors that have health and well-being association in society and its environment that affect or can affect our daily health and well-being; e.g. : this model would look at lifestyle effects and their (lifestyle effects) relation to illnesses. By looking at factors that can contribute to illness, this model is able to apply curative and prevention methods. E.g. it`s been found that an individual who lives in city- might suffer from pollution as most of these areas (city), people live in small damp flat along with poor housing. Therefore, this can or might set off asthma to re-occur or contribute to asthma and illnesses causes. The socio-medical of health considers the individual`s emotional and mental aspects of health which provide better way of providing care for the person`s health and well-being. The factors such as poverty, diet, pollution or access to clean water or even toilet facilities have a strong impact on the overall of a person`s health and well-being in communities and even in countries. The Socio-models of health takes in what is like an investigation in order to define and redefine health in a nonstop manner, and views health differently between individuals, groups, times and cultures. Moreover this model of health can help overcome many different health barriers or obstacles through its methods as in some ways it alow people to