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For this unit we had to perform a role play with a one to one interaction and a group interaction. In this part of the assignment I will be assessing and evaluating both of the role plays in detail using 5 factors that could have had an influence on the communication.
One to One Interaction
I and my partner decided to base our one to one communication in a care home. My partner was the manager of this care home and I was lady who wanted to put my mother into care. We both decided upon interpersonal interactions which would influence the communication, but because of the ones we chose it was going to be a poor example of communication.

Eye contact.
Eye contact was used in this communication by both parties involved. The manager avoided eye contact whenever she pleased as she had a lack of authority. Whereas the eye contact used by the lady was much less avoided, because of her submissive personality.
The eye contact in this communication was more or less avoided by both members, but both for separate reasons. This impaired the interaction as they couldn’t gain any connection of communication through the eyes this could have meant that the communications being sent was not being received properly according to argyle’s communication cycle.
The eye contact wasn’t improved in this communication by the manager or the lady and it didn’t have a positive effect on the communication either due to the clashing of their individual differences. Whereas using the correct form of eye contact at the correct times would have improved the interaction because they both would have gained a better understanding of each other’s feelings. If the manager would of looked the lady who wanted to put her mother into care in the eye when she needed reassuring about the situation it would have made her feel a lot more at ease about the situation.
Using this eye contact it would have influenced the communication in a positive way because it would have shown that they were both attentively listening to each other rather than avoiding the situation like they did. The lady would have had a lot more respect of the authority of the manager and also it would have been obvious that the manager cared about the situation instead of using what was said as a distraction.
The lighting used in this interaction was poor and much dimmed this meant that what was being read out by the manager could not be seen. This impaired the interaction because of it being a distraction. The communication cycle got broken and also the manager refused to switch them on this came across that she had a lack of understanding.
This factor did not improve the interaction because even if the manager and the lady were both using eye contact they would have not been able to see each other and the communication still will have been blocked. This could have been improved if the manager got up and switched the lights on therefore both of the parties would have been able to see the non-verbal communication skills which will have enabled them to feel the emotion more of the situation.
This external factor influenced the communication by the manager not doing the correct thing and changing the circumstances at the start, meaning she should have switched the lights on as soon as she realised it hindered the communication. As a whole this gave the lady a lack of concentration as she kept getting distracted by the lights not being turned on. This was definitely a problem during this communication as the ability to interpret the facial expressions and general body language was hindered. This forced them both to depend on tone of voice, but it lost meaning displayed by facial expressions.
Personality types.
The personality types included in the interaction was submissive and aggressive. The Manger was aggressive and the lady who wanted to put her mum into care was submissive.
The manager was aggressive this meant that she overwhelmed her own responsibility of power