Assessing, Planning, Implementing and Evaluating a Health Promotion Activity 1 Essay

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Assessing, Planning, Implementing and Evaluating a Health Promotion Activity
The following assignment will discuss the health forum stall the student nurses completed on “The benefits of walking and exercise” within the university, by identifying the health needs and target group from UK epidemiology and demography statistics. Finally the assignment will evaluate the health forum stall’s effectiveness in completing the aims and objectives by using the Process, Impact and Outcome evaluation tool (Ewles & Simnett, 2003).
Health promotion is a process, which encourages individuals to increase their knowledge through information and individual choice to recognize and improve their health (WHO, 1986).
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SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic and Time related (Kane et al, 2011).The group made the objectives specific to the benefits of walking and exercise, measurable by creating an evaluation tool questionnaire to record the results, realistic to the health forum by making posters and activities to measure peoples fitness and kept within the time frame of 3-4 minutes to educate visitors, thus making it time specific.
Evaluation of health education activities can help to determine how well objectives have been achieved (Kenworthy et al, 2002) Process evaluation is assessing the way a programme was implemented, impact evaluation measures the effectiveness in terms of achieving objectives and finally outcome evaluation measures the overall achievement of the assessment. This can sometimes be hard to measure as some outcomes may only be able to be measured more than six months later (Kane et al, 2011).
The picking of random groups enables the student nurse to gain experience of working with different people with different skills that are all working towards the same goal (Hinchcliff et al, 2003).The randomly chosen group worked well together. Everyone was given set tasks to get a range of different resources and information to feedback to the group, resulting in a good knowledge base of the subject area. People will generally respond differently to learning activities, so using more than one