Essay on ASSESSMENT 1 Implement and monitor marketing activies

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Implement marketing strategies and tactics

a) Summaries stake holder briefings regarding their implementation roles.
The following are the key points which will play vital in implementing the roles of all the stake holders.
Stewardship, all of them try to leave the company in better shape for your successor than it was handed over to you by your predecessor.
To adhere to the professional and moral standards of conduct in all the acts performing by them.
They always are encouraged to conduct as self-directed teams.
Cultivation of leadership.
To make sure to maintain high level of safety.

b) How were marketing and non-marketing personal briefed?
i. The objectives of the plan?
For marketing personals
By 2018 made BBQfun with a significant retail presence in outdoor lifestyle in every Australian capital city, starting with 15 stores in the greater Brisbane area and growing to 50 Australia wide.
For non-marketing personals
Within the next ten years BBQfun will become a national retail brand, catering to the needs of home makers with a range of unique, high quality outdoor life-style products made accessible to all through our easy to manage payment plans.

ii. Their roles and responsibilities in relation to implementation of the plan.
Marketing personals role
Researching and reporting on external opportunities
Understanding current and potential customers
Managing the customer journey (customer relationship management)
Developing the marketing strategy and plan
Management of the marketing mix
Managing agencies
Measuring success
Managing budgets
Ensuring timely delivery
Writing copy
Approving images
Developing guidelines
Making customer focused decisions
Identify and analyze an organization’s strengths and weaknesses, and respond to opportunities and threats in the marketing environment set goals for market share and growth develop and implement appropriate strategies by selecting, segmenting and targeting markets, and promoting products and services to those markets make decisions regarding products, such as choosing labels or packaging work on developing new products determine an approach to pricing and set prices for products and services develop plans for advertising, sales promotion, public relations, personal selling and sales management
Undertake marketing audits to monitor sales performance.

Non-marketing personals roles
Responsibilities for the smooth and effective functioning of the store are,
Sensibly display the merchandise so that it immediately catches the attention of the customers. The store manager must ensure that his store meets the expectations of the customers and lives up to its predefined brand image.
The store is kept clean
Shelves and racks are properly stocked and products do not fall off the shelves.
Mannequins are kept at the right place to attract the customers into the store and rotated frequently.
The merchandise should be according to the season as well as the latest trends.
The store is well lit, ventilated and offers a positive ambience to the customers.
The signage displaying the name and logo of the store is installed at the right place and viewable to all.
Make the customers feel safe and comfortable in the store. It is his key responsibility to make sure that the customer leaves the store with a pleasant smile.
The security and safety of the store is his responsibility. The store manager must ensure that sufficient inventory is available at the store to avoid being “out of stock”. responsible for planning, managing profit and loss, handling cash at the store as well as collating daily sales as well as other necessary reports.
Ensure that the store is free from pilferage.

iii. Their performance measure? For marketing personals
Achievements of the set Marketing goals and targets.
Overall Brand Position
Sales figures
For non-marketing personals
Increase in the loyalty of the customers
Success ratio of in the in store activities turning into number of daily sales