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Assessment 2

As an HR manager I select the area is new staff recruitment. Our aim is selection of new staff who is well qualified, honest, hard worker and well responsible about their job. We recruit new staff when we need more staff usually in busy time.

Recruitment involves such things as;

Determining whether there is a need for new employee
Job analysis – what the new job role will entail –task, responsibility. Interviews
Employ transfers
Testing of applicants
Deciding when the appointment will take effect
Sending responses to successful candidates
Creation of job descriptions.

Customer’ unaddressed needs and desires may be best ascertained using open ended question regarding customer’ needs, such as;

1. What are the three most significant actions HR can take to help you meet your business goals?
2. What should HR be doing that is not doing now?
3. What is HR doing now that is should not be doing.

Legislation –

Occupational health and safety act 1985.
Occupational health and safety regulations
Code of practice.
Equal opportunity and anti discrimination legislation
Worker’s compensation legislation.

Action plan –

Access to HR Services
We are taking steps to set up an HR help desk to improve access to our services and to selection of new staff.
5 of april 2011
Employee Relations
A significant number of hours were cut in 2010 and maternity leave in 2011 left us short of professional staff. This situation has been addressed by employing a temporary member of staff.
The team are taking on a coaching role to ensure ,managers are doing the work rather than leaving it with HR this helps to develop managers.
29 of May 2012