It Was An Endeavor By Mexico's Contribution To The United States Of Texas

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Cassandra Escobedo
HIST 3330
June 21, 2015

Assessment/Identifications #2

1. Law of April 6, 1930: It was an endeavor by Mexico's administration to boycott American settlers to then-Mexican Texas. This was in light of the undeniably American-settled Texan region; by a few records, American pilgrims were cordoning off their territory, viably growing the span of the United States while the US government neglected to arrange further land buys from Mexico. Notwithstanding focusing on new migrants, the law likewise endeavored to make life troublesome for workers who had effectively lived in Texas for a considerable length of time, by disavowing tax cuts and by implementing the Mexican boycott on subjugation. This law did little to stop American movement to Texas, where by 1834, Mexicans were outnumbered 4 to 1.

2. Moses Austin (1761-1821): had substantial impact in the improvement of the American lead industry and is the father of Stephen Austin, a main American pilgrim of Texas. In 1803, Missouri went under the purview of the United States as a component of the Louisiana Purchase. Austin got to be organizer and main stockholder in the Bank of Saint Louis, yet the bank fizzled in the Panic of 1819 making him lose his whole fortune. He again looked for assistance from Spain. In 1820, Austin flew out to Presidio San Antonio de Bexar in Spanish Texas and introduced an arrangement to colonize Texas with Anglo-Americans to Governor Antonio María Martínez. The senator rejected Austin's arrangement because of the progressing