Missionary Trip To Zamfrica

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Table of Contents
Introduction 2
Project Scope 2
Aim of the project: 2
Purpose of the Project 2
The Plan project and strategies 3
Management plan 3
Project objectives 3
Schedule 8
Resource and cost plan 8
Risk plan 9

Assessment two
Project title: Missionary Trip to Africa I’m a member of Riverview Church based in Burswood Perth and as an active member of this church I belong to the church connect group that will be having a trip to Africa and am participating in this missionary trip to Africa. This will be a one month trip to southern part of Africa, particularly Zambia and South Africa. River view church organises different missionary trips to different countries yearly. I have volunteered to be the project manager for this trip because I’m the most familiar person with the countries to be visited during trip will be organized in November; will be a trip for volunteers.

Project Scope
Organizing the trip
Checking flights
Organizing accommodation
Initiate trip entailment
Take the travelling group to museum
Visit the Victoria falls in Zambia
Organize local transport in Zambia and south Africa
Confirm travelling group has all necessary document
Visit partnering churches
Discuss budget with travelling team
Confirm number of people travelling
Collect gifts to be presented to the partnering churches in Africa
Arrange meals plan
Prepare River View missionary uniform shirts for the trips

Aim of the project: to organise a successful 1 month youth trip to South Africa and Zambia and get almost everyone travelling get involved in the organizing of the trip
Purpose of the Project
The main aim is to plan for the Perth Riverview brunch church to visit Africa on a church missionary trip to be held in November 2013; this trip will have 20 members of the youth group travelling to visit and am the project manager. The purpose of this event is for the Riverview church in Perth to financially and spiritually help the partnering churches in Africa that are mostly in need .
The Plan project and strategies
I have 20 people travelling for the youth connect trip, out of these 20 people 12 are females and 8 are males, I have to plan well on accommodation and transport , as a project manager I manage to organise meeting with the team travelling before and one more meeting after the trip to enable me get feedback after the trip .in order to have a successful project I made sure that almost everyone that was travelling in this trip got involved in organising the trip ,which made the team have a better understanding of the project outcome .
Founding: the project team received more than enough founding from the church and the group had a great founding strategy before the trip, they organised a church concerts in which they raised $6000 for the trip, hence the trip that volunteered to travel did not find this as such an expense because most of the founding came from church well-wisher and church coffers.
Accommodation: not everyone paid for accommodation most of the people where accommodated by church members in Africa and which made the project run smoothly with extra founds on the accommodation.
Entertainment: during this trip the team did not just do spiritual work they also had fun in both countries visited, they had uncountable fun such as visiting the mighty Victoria falls in Zambia and safari tour in south Africa.
Donations: the church donated different types of gifts to be taken to Africa
Consultation: meetings were held once a week for a month and several consultations where gotten from the team involved in the project.

Management plan: before the trip I organised a committee to run the project which I was heading as the project manager .I managed to do a visibility study before the trip, which helped a lot during the trip and made the project a success.
Communication strategy: conference calls, email and Skype was highly used to