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Name: Janet Clements ( | Course: Ptlls 2012 | Assessment Question 2Summarise the current legislative, regulatory requirements and professional codes of practice, including the Equality Act, Data Protection Act, Health and Safety Act and Safeguarding Act and any other legislation that you have to comply with when teaching in your specialist area. | Outcomes assessed: U5: 1.1 | Para | Answer | 1.0 | Detailed below is a summary of the legislative and regulatory systems that I feel would apply within the teaching environment: | 1.1a | Health and safety at work act 1974The Health and Safety at Work etc Act 1974, also referred to as HSWA, HSW Act or HASAWA, is the UK’s primary piece of legislation …show more content…
(HSE website – | 1.1h | Manual Handling Operations Regulations 1992This regulation requires risk assessments to be performed but also reminds you to take into consideration the frequency of task in terms of bending, lifting, twisting and stretching. It is in these areas, rather than the actual weight risk (although this must not be ignored), that pose a potential problem for therapists.(HSE website – | 1.3 | Safeguarding children and vulnerable adults Act 2006Anyone wishing to work within this category of clients will be ‘subject to monitoring’ and will be required to apply to the Criminal Records Bureau (CRB) for clearance to work with these people. Here an individual will be scanned to check that there is no criminal record or other record identifying actions of risk or harm to others. Others areas where these checks will be made are presence on the sex offenders list, records of alleged abuse, investigating accreditation under the ‘Safeguarding of Children and Safer Recruitment in Education’.( | 1.4 | Data Protection Act 1984 revised 1998 (DPA)In relation to the teaching environment, the implications to the Act still apply. The aim of the act is to protect personal data on identifiable living people. This act is the defender of privacy!