Assessment and Learners Essay

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outcome 1 understand the princeablesand requirements of assessment

a, explain the functions of assessment in learning development

assessment is carried out to make sure learning has taken place,it me assure the learners knowledge and skills in their learning learners know that they will halve to prove their knowledge to the standards of their awarding body, assessment encourages them to ask any questions that their unsure learning and development are both connected. The learner will need guidance to unsure they know what it is they halve to learnif there on track and how they made need to improve. Assessment is essential for this to happen their will be observations and one to one assessments learner reviews to asses weather the learner has meet to the standards to assess their knowledge and skills. If you deliver a session with out no assessment you cant be sure that learning has been taken place formative assessment is really positive though out the course it helps the learner work on their strength and weaknesses also learn by their mistakes by listing to asserors feedback. Assessment plays a major role in education it allows for future targets to be set for learners it also helps keep track of work. Its good to give regular reviews so you can measure how quickly your learners are progressing.

B,Define the key concepts and principles of assessments assessment has to be fair,valid,and consistent to make sure learners has a fair and equal chance of receiving a fair assessment. An assessor must remain professional and not be tempted to gain favourites or give an easier assessment, the assessment process may change to suit learners individual needs but still result in the same out come.

C, explain the responsibility of an assessor the role so an assessor is to assess the learners knowledge and performance in a number of things which include making sure that the learner has demonstrated competence and