Assessment: Critical Thinking and Big Data Essay

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INF80007 Business Information Systems in a Rapidly Changing World

Assignment 2: Big Data

Due Date: 14 April 2015
Marks Allocated: 25%

Required Length: 3000 words (excluding references)
This is an individual assignment.

Learning Objectives for Assignment 1:

To gain an understanding of big data,
To demonstrate this understanding through applying it in the analysis of a least one published example
To develop critical thinking skills, through identifying, analysing, evaluating and developing arguments which illustrate thoughtful appreciation of big data opportunities andissues.
To develop and demonstrate a thorough understanding of the potential of big data through the identification of an opportunity to use big data in a new way or in a new area.
To develop academic writing skills.

Assignment Details:

The assignment is made up of a number of sequential parts, detailed below.
1. Prepare a shortish literature review (probably no more than 1000 words) on big data, based on researchinto its nature and characteristics, some different perspectives on it, how it relates to knowledge management, and some examples of how it is being used. (10 marks)
2. Using your reading and the literature review as a foundation, look at a particular application of big data, preferably in an area you have some familiarity with, and analyse it from the perspective of the characteristics of big data that you have discussed above, in more detail. (5 marks)
Building on the above either (select 3a or 3b only): (10 marks)
3a. Discuss how an organisation you are familiar with might utilise (or further utilise) big data to improve the effectiveness of the organisation in some way. Explain the opportunity and justify your argument and also outline the possible drawbacks, drawing on your research and understanding of big data. or 3b. Drawing on a publishedexample of the use of big data,analyse it and identify the underlying concept(s) and then propose its application in a different area (probably one you have some knowledge of)justifying your proposed application, potential difficulties, and potential benefits.
Refer to other documented examples to support your proposed application

INF80007 S1 2015 Assignment 2

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Assessment Criteria
Criteria that will be used to assess both options are as follows:

Depth and extent of research and evidence of wider reading
Evidence of thoughtfulness, insights and critical reflection
Assertions and arguments made are grounded in researched data and/or supported by the literature. Extent of understanding demonstrated of the nature of big data and potential applications, and ability to apply your knowledge to new business problems
Structure of the paper, coherence and presentation
Referencing according to tertiary standards based on Swinburne Harvard system


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