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Assessment details
Coursework 100%
Learning outcomes assessed

The following module outcomes are assessed:
Research literacy, digital and information literacy
Academic literacy, digital and information literacy
Global citizenship, critical self-awareness and personal literacy
Critical self-awareness
Critical self-awareness and personal literacy

Assignment tasks
TASKS will be contemporary, case studies,, on products or services in existing or new international markets, chosen by you.
They are about theory applied in practice.

There are two elements.
The first is small group work – a formative assignment, the second builds on this learning and is an individual piece of research and report.
The detailed tasks will be distributed in week 2 and available on Moodle from that date. There will be a briefing session in week 2.
There will be feedback on the presentations in week 10 to enable students to learn from the process and the outcomes and take that learning into the individual task.
The percentages allocated reflect the effort required in completing the task. The division of marks is to guide you as to time, effort and approximate word count.
The assignment will be marked according to the marking schedule in the marking grids.

Assessment criteria

See learning outcomes assessed and the relevant pages on Moodle for the weighting of marks for the different assessed criteria.

Group assignment

In groups of 4 or 5, a 15 minute presentation, evaluating the practical application of a model in the International Marketing context, will be undertaken in the lecture and seminar slots in weeks 7 and 8. 18th and 25th March.
Module leader must be informed of the members of the group by the end of the taught session in week 4.
Schedule of presentation slots will be published in week 6.
The presentations will be held between one and 3 in week 7 and 8. You must attend the entire session within which your presentation will be being assessed in order to be allocated a mark.
You will be able to access one copy of the written feedback, per group, from the undergraduate office, in week 9. You will be notified when this is available, and there will be tutorial slots available to each group, for verbal feedback, and a discussion of any issues arising from the written feedback and the presentations. A schedule will be published for students to sign up for these feedback slots, in the lecture and seminar slots in week 9..

Individual assignment Hand-in date and instructions

Wednesday, April 29th 2015, WEEK 11
The completed coursework must be brought to the start of the lecture session and handed to your seminar leader (or the module assistant) by 1.10 p.m.
Coursework will be accepted prior to this date but not after, unless written evidence of mitigating circumstances has been received.
Any coursework left in tutors’ door boxes or pigeonholes or the Business School Reception (without approval) will not be marked.
All coursework must be submitted with the University Course work Submission Sheet, signed and stapled to it. These forms are available in the Undergraduate office.
You will receive a completed assessment feedback sheet together with your individual course work when they have all been marked and moderated.
There will be additional specific comments on the written assignment itself. You will be sent an email to let you know when these can be collected from the undergraduate office.


You must upload an electronic copy of your