Assessment Guide - Amb202 Integrated Marketing Communication Essay

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Assessment Guide - AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication

This guide provides you with information and criteria sheets for AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication assessment items. There are three criterion referenced assessment items within this unit: hot topic oral presentation, an IMC Evaluation project and poster (group).

Hot topic Pecha Kucha oral presentation – individual 25%

This assessment item is designed to build skills both in research analysis and interpretation of an IMC topic, as well as building oral presentation skills. This assessment item requires you to choose one (1) IMC topic and review it in class. Presentations will begin from week 5. It needs to be HOT and current. Presentations are no longer than 7
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• How do they interact with stakeholders?

Message and Contact Point Analysis • What planned messages do they have?

• What unplanned messages have they experienced?

• What product/service messages do they have?

Brand Consistency Analysis • What is current branding (logos, slogans), positioning

• How is the brand communicated to targets?

• Does it align with

• Consistency

• Clarity

• Contribution

Key Marketing Issues • Major Issues (Prioritise, Describe, Impact of Each)

• Minor Issues (Prioritise, Describe, Impact of Each)

IMC Solutions • IMC Strategy – why adopt it?

• What communications/tactics mix will you employ?

• Details for each – how will they be target stakeholders?

• Why select these?

• Implementation Schedule

• How will the campaign evolve?

• How much will the campaign cost?


AMB202 Integrated Marketing Communication Assessment 1: Hot topic oral presentation (25%) Name: __________________________
| |7 (range 85 – 90 – 100) |6 (range 75 – 80 – 84) |5 (range 65 – 70 - 74) |4 (range 50 – 57 - 64) |3-1 (range