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Assessment task 1: Evaluate the Marketing Mix

Hotel Steyne Manly

Renovate the concept of the building to live an experience.

The Steyne is a Hotel, Pub and Restaurant
Open from 9am to 3am Monday-Thursday, Friday & Saturday from 9am to 2am, Sunday from 9am to 12am.
Night Time Specials:
Monday - 2 for 1 meals
Wednesday - Pie & a Schooner $17.50, Pints for Schooners 6-10pm
Thursday - Pizza & Pint Deal, Ping Pong, Pub Raffles
Friday - Fisherman's Basket
Sundays - All Day Roast
Beer Garden DJ's: From: Wednesday to Sunday
As a hotel offers:
Hotel Rooms: Family Rooms / Deluxe Rooms / Pub Rooms / Budget Rooms
Ensuites & Shared Bathrooms + Tea & Coffee Facilities + Corso & Ocean Views + Some with Balconies
You can also plan your event with us: For any function please email
Blackets: Private functions available. Capacity - 100pax.
Moonshine Cider & Rum: Private functions available Mon/Tues/Wed Day or Night, Thurs/Fri/Sat/Sun day ONLY
Seaside Lounge, Seaside Sport, Beer Garden Deck: Reserved areas, local sponsorship events. You will have fun in any of our 5 different bars:
-Round bar: This is one heck of a picture, which to most people would bring back memories of that great old song by Creedance Clearwater Revival.
- Magic Millions Bar
This fella is obviously a regular in the Hotel Steyne's Magic Millions Bar. There's a saying amoung patrons in there that "you never go home with nothing". You may have won a little cash...heard a joke...met an old friend...watched a good game of footy. Our friend in the picture, he won his bone having a flutter on, you've guessed it...the dogs!
TAB & KENO Facilities.
-Seaside Food Bar
Just about every beach between Manly and Palm beach has one...great places for a swim when the surf is too big or too dangerous. We in Manly have Fairy Bower and Queenscliff. Fittingly, the Hotel Steyne's Seaside Food bar is exactly half way between the two! Swim, walk, eat. Perfect.
-Blackets Fine Spirits and Ales: A little charisma above a simple seaside pub. This hidden treasure boast's cleverly created cocktails, a wide selection of premium spirits & craft beer and a vintage charm.
-Moonshine. MUSIC.RUM. CIDER Bar
Upstairs at the Hotel Steyne, Moonshine's atmosphere comes alive with murals of vintage photographs at sea, bottle's from nights passed, sea--faring craft from years gone by and the Tullamore Dew associated ocean smells and sounds. Specialising in 16 ciders on tap and over 100 rums, Moonshine will be the seaside shanty shack you'll never want to leave..

I am focusing on Sailor’s Jerry Spiced Rum which is the product. Placed in the moonshine music rum cider bar.
The Man: Norman ‘Sailor Jerry’ Collins is acknowledged as the founding father of old school tattooing, he was known for two things: his iconic solid, bright tattooing and his very own blend of spiced rum.
The Rum: Aged Caribbean rum blended with five subtle spices including rich caramel cinnamon, nutmeg & almond balanced with vanilla. At 40% ABV it is stronger than others on the market but goes down exceptionally smooth!
Much of the alcohol market is driven by fads and perception. Sailor’s Jerry Spiced Rum should push to have rum perceived as a premium spirit and make sure that Sailor’s Jerry Spiced Rum is established as the best in the market. This will be accomplished by promoting Sailor’s Jerry Spiced Rum as a premium spirit and highlighting its Caribbean origins. This posturing, coupled with an aggressive advertising campaign to convince the public that Caribbean rum is the “Lost
Treasure” of rum, will put