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Assessment task1: Project plan- Marketing plan management
Task: You are required to submit a management plan for the marketing activities and summary notes from your meeting with your CEO. In order to complete the management plan, you must include the following points.
Marketing activities: review proposed marketing activities and accompanying information to identify and describe three activities that show the potential for the organisation (within the established marketing objectives).
Integration of organisational activities: discuss and prepare a brief summary describing how the range of marketing, promotional and sales activities (detailed in the provided case study information) can be integrated to ensure the achievement of the established marketing activities.
Monitor progress: Monitor the product, distribution, pricing and marketing communication policies in relation to market changes, marketing plan objectives and organisational requirements. Monitoring progress would also involve an evaluation of statistical and date techniques to measure marketing performance.
Distributing and pricing: review the proposed models for distribution and pricing of product and describe how this should be adjusted to allow for the market fluctuations (as identified in the case study). Provide a plan for how distribution and pricing can be monitored over time, in relation to market changes and adjustments in organisational requirements (as described in the case study), to create monitoring reports for your organisation.
KPIs: provide a plan for how to progress (using the metrics of return of market and market share) can be measured against performance targets, to ensure that marketing requirements are being met.
Delegation: develop draft staffing proposals for the delegation of roles and responsibilities for various marketing activities and efforts within your organisation.
For summary notes you must include the points below:
Communication: Describing the communication strategies to be put in place to assist individuals in working together to achieve marketing objectives.
Case study
You are the marketing manager for a chain of home- ware stores in Brisbane called Houzit. The marketing plan for the 15 Houzit stores was developed over 12 months ago and you are actively engaged in implementing the strategies to achieve the marketing objectives. Specifically, you are instigating those marketing activities that meet the marketing objectives of a 12% market share (up from 11%) and an increase in sales by 8,5% over last year’s result. No expansion stores are planned during this phase of consolidation and on average the stores $24,680 per week for the year.
The next six months of the marketing plan calls for increased marketing to match the growth in seasonal demand that occurs during this period. In particular, you should focus on magazine advertising and PR, together with in store promotions and web based promotions.
You are assisted in the marketing role by Mari and Tony. Marie manages the advertising/PR while Tony is a specialist search engine optimiser and webpage designer. You enjoy taking responsibility for the in store promotions because it keeps you connected with the personnel and the trends in merchandise category sales. Lamberts Consulting are also a preferred supplier of market research, marketing audits and marketing consultancy. The market for home wares in Brisbane is estimated last year at $175 million per annum with an anticipated growth rate of ten percent in the coming year.

Assessment Task2 – Case study analysis - Staffing support plan
Task: In this assessment, you are required to submit a staffing support plan and a report that responses to each provided scenario in the case study. In your staffing support plan, you must include the points below.
1. Strategies: specific strategies for mentoring and coaching of staff throughout the period of the proposed marketing activities.
2. Resources: