Assessment and Care Planning of the Adult in Hospital Essay

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Assessment and Care Planning of the Adult in Hospital
Hospitalisation has a big impact on a person’s life. When dealing with people in hospital health care professions use care planning to make sure that an individual’s needs are met and that there is an on-going personalised plan for the duration of the stay, however long or short this may be (National institute of clinical excellence[NICE], 2010). During this essay I will be following a patient that has been on my clinical placement. I will be discussing the models and theories that underpin nursing in my clinical area. I will be looking more in depth at two needs of my patient and state how we assess these. To abide by the Nursing and midwifery council code of conduct (2008), I will
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This model tries to describe what living really means. All the activities contribute to the complex of living. There are 12 activities of daily living. These are communication, breathing, elimination, mobilising, sleeping, eating and drinking, maintaining a safe environment, controlling body temperature, working and playing, expressing sexuality, personal cleansing and dressing and finally dying. This model is widely used in healthcare as it acts as a frame work that enables us to identify actual or potential problems that the patient may experience (Roper N et al, 2004)
The Roper-Logan-Tierney model brings up a few problems when discussed in a hospitalised setting. Some of the activities of daily living may not apply to the patient. For example a patient may not be palliative on this admission to hospital and therefore may not be able to discuss Dying without feeling that health care professionals are not being honest about the diagnosis. Also some of the activities influence others and the cause of these problems may not be resolved causing further deteriation. This could be that a person has poor mobility which could affect their work-play ratio but this may not be discovered until discharged. Environmental change can cause anxiety. Anxiety has a huge impact on a person’s normal life.
When discussing the activities of daily living with Peter he explained that he is completely independent and he does not usually have