Assessment and Learner Essay

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1.1 Explain the function of assessment in learning and development

The function of assessment in learning and development is to provide a measure for the learners progress.

Assessment is carried out through checks throughout the course, and at end of course. activities can help the learner to see their development whilst allowing the Assessor to give valuable feedback when appropriate. This is to measure the learners understanding of the subject set by the criteria.

For example: Assessments provide clear measurements and recording of achievements gained during a course that provides identification of the persons achievements or learners needs.

The learners development is measured using formative or summative assessments that
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This provides opportunity for the learner to review the work for developmental purposes whilst providing the Assessor with an opportunity to capture engagement with the learner in questioning throughout a set task.
Questioning is a quick way to check on learning and ensure a learner is engaged and content with the objective being developed. I use a range of methods in accordance with my Learner Profile so as not isolate/ worry/ un-necessarily fill my learners with the fear that I experienced as a student. I feel that using differentiated socratic questioning (‘do you agree with…’, ‘…what do you think?’, ‘you made a good point in your essay about…’) I can stitch together a conversation using different levels of contribution from every one verbally. The key drawback to this can be learners having a limited inauthentic experience of the full realistic scenario they are being trained for and may therefore not take the situation as seriously.

Witness testimony can be an invaluable way of capturing evidence of learners engaged in practical tasks and can be evidenced with written/ witness authentication cross-referenced with the criteria the activity is addressing.