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I. Identifying Information

1. Client's Name: Arnie Grape

2. Sex: Male

3. Date of Birth: July 16, 1987

4. Age: 17

5. Address: 300 Hugh Hunter Rd., Endora, Iowa 42262

6. Phone Number: (931) 555-1212

7. Occupation: unemployed

8. Family Members: Mother Bonnie Grape 54 unemployed Father Albert Grape deceased Sister Ellen Grape 16 works at ice cream shop Sister Amy Grape 34 unemployed Sister Larry Grape 32 flight attendant Brother Gilbert Grape 24 works at a grocery store

II. Reason for Social Work Involvement

Arnie Grape was referred to this agency by Sheriff Jerry Farrell of the Endora Police Department. He was concerned about Arnie's continued lack of supervision. Sheriff Farrell stated that
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He remembers the day, the time, and exactly what he was doing during the incident. He has since bottled up his emotions. For example, he did not cry at his father's funeral and was proud of himself for not doing so. He graduated from Endora High. He is one of four graduates who remained in Endora, one of which is his best friend Tucker. He has worked at Lawson's Grocery since high school.

Arnie is 17 years old and was one years old when his father died. He was diagnosed as being mentally retarded a few months before Albert committed suicide. Bonnie was taking him for tests in an adjacent city when Albert passed. Ellen is the youngest of the siblings and is 15 years old. She was not yet born when Albert passed. She currently attends school and has been working at the local ice cream shop.

b) Current Family Situation

Ellen, Amy, Gilbert, and Arnie all live with Bonnie. Amy assumes the role of the homemaker and problem solver/maintenance member of the family. She tends to Bonnie, cooks, cleans, and takes care of all of the families needs. Gilbert is the provider of the family, and Amy sometimes questions how much money he is bringing home. Amy has also stated that Gilbert never does anything. Gilbert is the only male father figure in Arnie's life. He watches and tends to him during the day and night, and even brings Arnie with him when he socializes. Amy and Gilbert, who are responsible for running the household, do not communicate with