Essay on Assets: High School and College

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Throughout my academic career I’ve never really had any study habits. I’ve just winged a lot through school especially through high school, specifically my senior year; I would just do nothing. With papers I would start them the night before they are due. Now in college I found out its different my professors just won’t accept a paper like that and I’ll get a horrible grade which turns to a bad GPA. But the transition into college isn’t that bad with the help of seminar classes. Both my seminar teachers have been great with helping us understand what’s going on in large lecture and give us helpful study tips and habits. Now that I’m here I’m starting to study more, I have taken up some study habits. I know some people have their own special habits like turning off the TV or staying in a quiet place to study. When I need to study I sit down and put my headphones in. I don’t play any music or even plug them into my phone. They’re just there in my ear, I guess I just think that to me it makes everything quiet and helps me concentrate. Studying helps and is really keeping me concentrated and focused in school. But even though studying is great and does help there are some study habits that I’ve tried and not worked for me. Like studying in the library: you would think that being in the library would be a perfect environment to study but for me it’s a distraction. A friend of mine will walk in and I’ll lose my train of thought then when I get back on track another friend comes in. That study habit is just not for me. Although I can’t study much in the library I will be in there looking for research for my papers. This is something new for me that I’m trying to change, I never really put much effort in my papers and now that I’m in college and have to earn my grade I’ll be in there more. My grades have definitely reflected on my new study habits, I’m making different grades than what I thought I was going to be making. I’m actually doing well and succeeding in college!
Beyond Academics: My Personal Life
College to me is a whole new thing not only because I’m a freshman in college but because I came into college without any friends. I’m from Dallas and came a long way from home for college the only thing here that was waiting for me was my education. It was weird because I went from having a tight knit group of friends to having to meet new people and making new friends. I wasn’t going to go through college without not talking to anybody and not making new friends. So in my classes I introduced myself to new people and eventually started to make some friends. One girl that I met was really friendly and invited me to come to a beach soccer game since I told her that I played soccer before. I went to the game to watch and ended up playing after the game I was invited to be on the team and started to meet my new teammates. We actually