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Zohair Hashmi
Professor Chou
Assignment 2
Part 1:
1. I have committed to the fundamental attribution error multiple times when I was young. I was never really a good math student, a lot of it had to do with my lack of focus when it came to math when compared with other subjects. I would consistently blame my failure in math as a problem in the teacher’s teaching methods. I had done this to multiple teachers in the past through grade school.
2. I also in the past took credit for easy points where I could. Once there was a project at school that was perhaps the easiest project based on my skills and abilities. I informed the group that I can take on this project alone because they had helped me with project completions in the past and did my part. I got the project done in less than a day and informed everyone that it was hard work and research but I appreciated their work and got the project done.
Part 2:
1. I often experience cognitive dissonance. I am not a smoker or a drinker. I do not smoke or drink in an effort to stay healthy; however I do not eat healthy foods even when they are readily available to me.
2. I have not eliminated it completely. However, what I do now with some regularity is take vitamins and drink some 100% natural juices so I can get some dose of Fruits or vegetables a few times a week.
Part 3:
1. As mentioned previously, I have had my share of troubles in Math. That is majority of the reason that I am still pursuing my Bachelor’s degree at the age