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Kyle Phillips
Lesson 1 Critical Thinking Exercises
Ch. 1
1. My previous employer attempted to (and successfully) rehire me after circumstances caused me to relocate and change jobs. My purpose was to explain in a professional manner my financial responsibilities versus my previous pay and position in order to achieve a new hire and increased pay so that it was sensible for me to relocate again. We were able to communicate verbally via phone and through means of electronic texts. The message was difficult to portray as we weren’t always face to face. I was finally able to set up face to face time and bring in papers with numerical values to reiterate my meaning. Since it was such short notice and there was distance involved, I would have liked more time to prepare and to have been able to meet in person more frequently.
2. Effective- Interesting, prepared, strong speaking voice, thoughtful of audience, concise/efficient
Ineffective- Bored/ not interested, lack of preparation, weak voice/bad mannerisms, not prepared for audience demographics, broad/general/inefficient
3. I have a good, strong speaking voice and typically spend a lot of time researching and preparing. I have minimal bad mannerisms. Three things I most need to better is my ability to speak impromptu, captivating my audience, and being concise.
Ch. 2
1. While it could sway a poll or audience, I believe in innocence until proven guilty. While she may be offering honesty, I would think it could almost be slander in spite of the circumstances. She should continue without bringing it up and let further action take course.
2. Interesting topic. I am a firm believer in free speech. While I find that a lot of different populations may be sensitive in my mind, it is brought on from years of poor thought and circumstance. I think criminal response may not be justifiable, but lesser means may be necessary to get the point across. While boundaries shouldn’t be in place, people need to be made more aware of the response. If more people would do things property it becomes less of an issue.
3. A) A good speaker should always be knowledgeable and prepared to discuss supporting and opposing ideas. With honesty in mind, utilize the sounder, correct information. The information with short comings can still be used, but the holes must be identified and explained. The audience should take the information with a grain of salt.
B) Remaining silent is akin to plagiarizing yourself. Afterwards, I would alert the professor and allow them to solve the issue.
C) I think it can still be used if you properly cite and offer some context. The idea can still help