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To: Pam@brixeninc.comCC:
Subject: Social Media Network Appeal
Dear Pam,
We are making a huge mistake; recently the CEO of Brixen Inc., Corey, stated in a company email that we will no longer have access to social media networks on the computers at work. Typically I would not question the CEO’s decision but as the Marketing Manager, I foresee problems which may arise due to this decision. Brixen Inc. is a very successful business which continues to develop and grow. Facebook, Twitter, and other social networks are essential to our business and without these tools our company may have not become as successful as it is today, so if we wish to continue doing well there must a change. The policy needs to be changed back to allowing all employee’s access to social media and social media networks at work; if the policy is not altered there can be negative effects to the way Brixen Inc. is run. (Main Idea)
With electronics and social development increasing every year it is important that we stay up to date on what customers want and how we can continue to further the success of Brixen Inc. with the use of Social Media Networks. Social networking technologies are very valuable in this economy because it helps Brixen Inc. with networking, feedback, comments and concerns, promotes specials and various other valuable tools. When I graduated from Harvard with my PhD and began working at Brixen Inc. I promised that I would increase sales and help this company grow. Since then, with the help of social media on the job paid the company back in several important dividends, connected with other companies and peers who helped pave the way for increased sales, working efficiency and clientele has nearly tripled. You trusted my opinion, and have seen results, can you please trust me again Pam, because if this change is not made we the company may go under. I know how hard it is being a single mother and the last thing either one of us needs is to lose our jobs. (“You”)
This upcoming Monday I suggest that we call a meeting and speak with the board and especially Corey our CEO regarding this matter. If we wish to see a change we must address the issue and show how social media networks are vital to Brixen Inc., and during this time also discuss any concerns which may arise. There may be a way that we can control access to the social media networks so that they are not abused but still useful to the company, one way may be by monitoring usage of the network and creating a disciplinary plan to employees which may attempt to abuse it. During our meeting we can discuss any comments or concerns about lifting the ban on social media at work, because if this ban continues other competing companies that continue to use social media may surpass Brixen Inc., and we may lose clients and peers.
There can be no delay and a meeting with the board must be called because every day that this company does not use social media to market, we are potentially losing thousands per week; so if you need help approaching this situation please let me know. If you have any questions regarding this matter please don’t hesitate to come speak with me directly or via email, my door is always open. I anticipate the meeting to be held no