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Welcome to our organisation,
As a new member we have produced a brief guidance document of your role and responsibility’s as a new teacher for our creative writing course
As a teacher you will be aware that you are subject to legislation and codes of practice and that you keep up to date. Some of these are outlined below and it will be your responsibility to follow them accordingly.
Disclosure and Barring services (DBS) Under the Safe guarding Vulnerable groups act (2006) Is to make sure those that are working with children and vulnerable adults are vetted. It essential for you to have and retain necessary DBS clearance which has replaced what was previously called (CRB) for your duties and responsibilities It is a condition of your post that you fully comply with DBS rechecks procedures and that you present any positive disclosures to the relevant members of staff. Failure to maintain appropriate DBS clearance or to comply with procedure will result in automatic dismissal
Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 You are required by the team to cooperate with management in its responsibilities under the act and to take reasonable care for the health and safety of others and to ensure that all risk assessments are carried out within the classroom and all teaching areas to be used if not on organisation premises
Management of health and safety at work regulations (1999) For the prevention of unsafe practices and minimising risks this will be especially useful to know with the use of visual displays being used within the class during lessons
The Information Technology codes of practice relating to our organisations use of computers i.e. internet access and email protocols
Equality act (2006) revised (2010) Replacing the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), the Commission for Racial Equality (CRE) and the Disability Rights Commission (DRC) This act is aimed at eliminating discrimination, reducing inequality, protecting human rights and to build good relations. It is your responsibility to ensure that this act is complied with and that all those using our services have a fair chance to participate regardless of:
-Religion and Belief
-Sexual Orientation

Data protection act (1998 amended 2003) This act covers paper as well as computerised information and sets the rules for processing (including obtaining, altering, disclosing, or destroying) personal information. This act is mandatory for all members of the organisation and as such all Data must be:
-Used fairly and lawfully
-Used for limited, specifically stated and lawful purposes
-To be used in a way that is adequate, relevant and not excessive
-Is accurate and where necessary, kept up to date
-To be kept for no longer than is absolutely necessary
-Is to be handled according to people’s data protection rights
-To be kept safe and secure
-Must not be transferred outside the UK unless the other countries offer adequate protection
As a member of the teaching staff you will also be expected to maintain the boundaries of a teacher and other professional roles. As a teacher you may identify needs that are beyond your competence and may need to refer the learner appropriately. For example, if you identify that a Learner has financial needs, you may need to refer the learner to the appropriate department. You must always follow organisational procedures in dealing with issues such as complaints and appeals and make references appropriately, especially where the issue is not within your competence.
It is very important as a teacher that all necessary steps are taken for you to make sure that all the learners under your tuition are having there learning needs met and those learners that have been identified as having areas that require additional support needs are having these needs addressed for instance learners who have been identified as having numeracy or literacy difficulties can be referred for study support, and a learner with Dyslexia can be