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Lymaris Dalian Santiago
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CV10 Intro to Computers
Assignment #8 Business Consulting
May 24, 2015
Business Consulting

What formula or function does he put in Column F that will show the total expenses for each day?
In the parenthesis enter the cell letter and number to find total expenses per day. (i.e.) =sum(b5:e5)
What formula or function does he put in columns B through F in Row 13 that will give him the total expenses for the week in each category?
In the parenthesis enter the cell number and letter to find total expenses per week. (i.e.) =sum(b5:b11)
Bill wants the entry in Column G to remind him of expenses that require receipts for the accountant. Tell Bill what to put in Column G to do this:
A. Print the
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The trick is to flood the network with fake data packets.
Recommendation: Misleading ads and pop ups can contribute to the accidental downloading of malicious software onto your computer. Most web browsers have internal pop-up blockers. This web browser plug-ins removes the ads.
5. Standalone computers
Stealthy technique used when users leave their computers running and unattended.
Recommendation: Program the computer to lock by itself after a few minutes of inactivity. The option is available in Windows OS where you can set a password for each user and set the properties to ask for the password when the screen saver is removed. You can also lower lowering the time before screen saver starts.
I recommend that Bill install the following software:
The Bitdefender products feature anti-virus and anti-spyware, improved Detection, personal firewall, vulnerability scanner, privacy control, user control, and backup for corporate and home users.
Mozy is a highly automated program that lets you securely backup important files online. Just install it on your PC, specify which files it should back up, and it goes straight to work. It also has a schedules preference so you wont have to worry about keeping backup files up to date.

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