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Question one:
Describe how you might contribute to a lesson given to a group of seven year old children learning to play percussion instruments:
Firstly I would have a discussion with the teacher about what the learning objectives are for the lesson and follow any instructions I have been given. Before the lesson began I would make sure there is enough space available for the pupils to work safely and comfortably. I would prepare the environment by ensuring that the instruments were available for pupils to use as other classes may have used them before and still have them. I would make sure all the equipment was safe for pupils to use and were in working order. I would make sure I knew enough about the instruments and how to use them so when the pupils began the lesson I would be confident in what I was helping them with, thus helping them to be more confident in me. I would make sure there were enough instruments for each pupil or if they were to share I would arrange the classroom appropriately. If any music sheets were needed I would make sure there were enough and photocopy more if needed.
During the lesson I would support and observe the pupils and help keep them engaged and focused. This would help to minimise any negative behaviour. I would use praise to promote positive behaviour and look out for any pupils who seem to be lacking in confidence or seem to be struggling and give them any help and encouragement they would need. It is important to be a good role model for the pupils; I could do this by showing the pupils how to use the instruments safely and correctly. During the lesson I would also be observant of all the pupils so I could give feed back to the teacher.
I would then tidy and clean the classroom ready for the next lesson or the following day and discuss any observations, progress or behaviour I had noted throughout the lesson with the teacher. Lastly I would also suggest any ideas I feel would benefit the pupils in future planning or lessons with the teacher.

Question Two:
What might your role be in organising, using and maintaining the learning resources, material and equipment for this percussion lesson?
My role as a teaching assistant would be to help provide an efficient learning environment within the classroom. I would ensure any instruments outlined in the lesson plan were available and make sure they are set out before the lesson. This could include putting out the percussion instruments that the teacher wants to use, also any sheet music or worksheets that are needed .Pens pencils and paper may be required so I would make sure they were available. To do this efficiently I would need to know the location of the equipment and resources both in the classroom and the school and my restrictions if there are any, (i.e. Am I allowed to enter specific store cupboards for supplies?). I would make sure I had a clear inventory of all equipment, resources and materials prior to the lesson; I would then check this at the end of the lesson.
I would make sure the instruments used were undamaged and everything was in good working order. I would encourage the pupils to return the equipment, learning resources or materials that are used to the correct place, as part of children’s learning is to be responsible for equipment and resources too as this helps with future life skills.
I would then clean and check over the instruments and would make sure all equipment was put back in working order and report any damage, loss or shortage of learning resources and materials to the teacher.

Question Three:
Describe how you act in class in order to be an effective role model for the standards or behaviour expected by pupils.
I would show I am a good role model in all aspects. I would show this by having a positive attitude towards the teachers and pupils; I would interact well with the