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Assignment 1.2Commentary
Chapter 5 and Quiz Review
I scored 24/29. The questions not I missed on this quiz were not due to not reading thoroughly but a classic case of doubting oneself after making the selection.
The material for this chapter is very familiar to me, due to the fact that in all aspect of our lives, we have to deal with cooperation within or work lives and personal as well as competition.
Chapter 6 and Quiz Review
I scored 24/29. Communication is vital in every aspect of our lives, we need to communicate in order to survive in this world. Again, for this chapter, I reviewed the questions several times and changed the answers, when I had previously selected the right ones. I simple read and think too much, I guess.
Chapter 7 and Quiz Review
I scored 26/30. Conflict is sometime I avoid as much as I possibly can, I don’t like conflict. This chapter gave me a different perspective on conflict and I have learned different angles to manage it and how to deal with it especially at work with so many diverse cultures. The question, I got wrong on this quiz, I struggled with, #4, 6, 18 and 27 coincidentally all dealt with conflict, hence this is why I do not like conflict, after reviewing the material again, I realize I misinterpret the questions and have grasped the material on conflict management and resolution.
Chapter 8 and Quiz Review
I scored 26/28. The two questions I got wrong, were the two questions, I knew were incorrect because I could not differentiate between groups with unequal and equal amounts of power or status and factors that influence team empowerment. From this chapter, I gather knowledge of the core notion of teamwork is empowerment