A Brief Note On Physics

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Task 2

The experiment, which we did in the lab we used different equipment’s to measure the GPE to KE; such as the ramp, the trolley, the ticket tape and the ticket timer. The experiment was repeated three times each time we decreased the height of the ramp. Firstly, we placed the trolley on the ramp then we used the ticket tape to measure the speed of the trolley going down the ramp. The ticket timer works by making dots; in every 5 seconds it makes 200 dots. We was told to only count 50 dots when the trolley goes down the ramp next we had to calculate the GPE by multiplying the weight of the trolley gravitation then multiply it by 9.81 which we was told. Afterwards, i was told to calculate the velocity by distance and divide it by the time it takes the trolley to get to the end of ramp. At that point I had to calculate the mass and then multiply it by speed it takes. After that we had to transfer the GPE to KE, to do that we had to divide the height of the ramp by the KE and then multiply it by 100. I found out that the higher the ramp the faster it takes the trolley to get to the end of the ramp; the higher KE is and the lower the ramp lower the KE is.

Task 3

If the stations height were raised there are a few advantages and disadvantages about this. The advantages would be; firstly, we have less pollution which makes big difference to our atmosphere and this is due to GPE which is transferred to KE, secondly, it should therefore be well designed, which will be pleasing to the eye, thirdly, it well be comfortable and convenient for the passengers as well as efficient in layout and operation, fourthly, passengers can go to their destinations much quicker because these trains use hydrogen fuels which speed up trains. However, this means that people don’t have to wait for to long for the train anymore, as the train comes frequently and themselves.

However, on the other side there are few disadvantages if the stations heights were raised. Because, if the platform gets raised up too high, it will be harder for the train to slow down as the train is faster high speed and if they slow down before the train get to the platform the train has to work harder to get to the