Modern Public Administration: Managing Public And Nonprofit Government

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Modern Public Administration
Assignment 1

Presented By: Charlene Randolph-Coppage
Dr. Angela Parham
Managing Public and Nonprofit Organizations
Strayer University
Sunday July 20, 2014

Brief overview: Violence Prevention
There is an increasingly growth of violence caused by guns. In 1993 the Brady Act was passed. This came about when Jim Brady, press Secretary to Pres. Ronald Reagan was shot and badly wounded during an assassination attempt on Pres. Reagan. The Brady Act was to require background checks on individuals you are obtaining a gun. Over 20 years later the nation as suffered far too much to those who possess a gun. There have been way too many school shootings. December 2012 there was a shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School were 20 six and seven year olds were killed. This violent act devastated the nation and Pres. Obama. It was that time he said “enough is enough and this has to stop”. Even though no law or set of laws will stop gun violence, we the people of the United States want something done to protect and keep our children safe.
Public Policy that supports Violence Prevention
The public policy that will support violence prevention is constituent policy. This policy is designed to benefit the public or to serve the government. I think this policy supports this issues because the public want to end gun violence, and the government agree with that. Too many people who don’t need guns can gain access to them and there is a need to change to the policy on it. The Brady Act was one way to stop gun violence, but there were ways that people could still get guns that was not covered under the Brady Act.

Two positive impacts:
A positive impact: The Brady Bill required a five day waiting period and background check on the purchase of guns. Now the modification is background checks are done instantly. Under the current law those who were convicted of felonies or criminal domestic violence are not allowed to possess any type of handguns. The current federal law transferring guns from person to person like gift or from anybody who is not a licensed firearms dealer are exempted from background checks. They are called private sellers and they are not required to do the checks. The Fix Gun Checks Act was passed to fix that problem and there is to be a background check done on all gun purchases and transfers.

Two negative impacts:
The negative impact is that a lot of states are not reporting the disqualifying persons and not doing the required background checks that is mandated by law. To fix this problem there should be an executive order requiring all federal agencies to submit all eligible records into the NIC within 12 months.
Second amendment refers to the actions by the federal government, it doesn’t protect people from state actions that restrict with their rights to bear arms resulting in gun control legislation varying from state to state. The gun