4 Techniques Of Advertising

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Nowadays, advertising which is aimed at children has become more popular and successful. It is designed to promote the market place of a particular product for children. A large number of children between the ages of 3 to 13 are an important segment that advertisers target. In order to reach the goals of this advertising, 4 main techniques are used: “namely cartoon characters”, “free offers”, “advergaming”, “testimonials and endorsements”.

Cartoon characters are one of the most popular techniques used by advertisers. The “cartoon characters” technique uses popular cartoon characters to advertise a product such as breakfast cereal, shampoo, toothpaste, etc. that increase their sales. An example of this is an advertisement is “Batman Kellogg's Cereal Box” which has a printed famous cartoon character Batman on the package of box. This type of advertising is common worldwide because children are easily attracted to the cartoon advertisement.

Another technique is the use of “free offers”. A free offer is a small gift accompanied with a product when it is purchased. Therefore it enables a company to promote their products. For instance, McDonald’s has undertaken a promotion like this in a USA by giving children a voucher for a free McFlurry ice-cream when they buy McDonald’s food.

The third technique is “advergaming” which is used in games such as banners and billboards. Children like playing games because of the lively and impressive graphics designed in the games.