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MBAN 6400 3.00 W: Multivariate Methods for Analytics
Assignment 1

Please submit the following to Cathy at, no later than 11:30 on the day the assignment is due:

A pdf copy of your write up (and appendices as necessary).
A copy of the SAS script you used to complete your analyses.
A pdf copy of the output from your SAS procedures. You may direct your SAS output to a pdf as follows: ods pdf file=’full system name of the output pdf file’; run; your sas code; ods pdf close; run; General Instructions:
Your assignment is to be no longer than 8 pages, 1.5 spacing between lines, including tables and formatted as follows: Font: Times New Roman. Font size: 12. Page margins: 1 inch right, left, top and bottom.
Please feel free to contact Cathy directly should you require any clarifications while completing this assignment. Note, although you may confer with fellow students while completing your assignments, this is not a group assignment. All written work submitted must be your own.
Use an alpha of .10 when determining whether the results from statistical tests are significant.
Although checking of assumptions underlying statistical methods and data screening is an important component of any competent statistical analysis, it is not possible for you to do so for this assignment given you are working with a correlation matrix.
How to report results:
First, you are to focus only on interpreting and reporting results of your analyses. Do not include discussions of the statistical theory underlying your interpretation when so doing.
Do not simply cut and paste results contained in the SAS output into the body of your report. Blindly copying and pasting results from SAS into your reports does not demonstrate that you understand how to identify the pertinent results and values contained in the SAS output necessary to support your arguments and analyses. Hence, you are expected to prepare tables in which you present these results in the body of your report.
In addition to any other tables, graphs and diagrams you choose to include in support of your analyses, be sure to include tables in which you report the key tests of statistical significance:
Specifically, for questions 2 and 3, you will need to run a number of multiple regression models. Using tables, be sure to report the following for each of the regressions:
a. For each of the models, a) the overall F-Test, p-values associated with the F-test, as well as the model

b. estimates of the intercept, and the coefficients associated with each independent variable, along with the t-values and associated p-value used in determining whether the regression coefficient is significant.

Note that it is not sufficient to simply report your results in a table. You must also demonstrate your understanding of how to properly interpret these results. While it is unnecessary to report numbers you have already reported in a table in the body of your text, a full interpretation of results includes a brief statement of whether the numbers reported in these tables a) indicate that the overall regression model was significant and b) if it was, which of the regression coefficients key to your analyses were significant. Finally, please adhere to APA guidelines when reporting your results. You may use the following website as a reference: The assignment:
The data:
One hundred and ninety (190) working adults completed a survey in which the following were measured: level of conflict with fellow workers (work conflict; WC), level of conflict with family members (family conflict;
FC), level of conflict between role as a worker and role as a family member (inter-role conflict; IC), work satisfaction (WS), family satisfaction (FS) and life satisfaction. The attached SAS code will allow you to create a SAS dataset (called CONSTAT) that contains the correlations between these six measures.
Run this code and then write and run the SAS code