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Unit-3 Information Systems (Ass-1)

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Date issued: 26/02/15
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P1 explain how organisations use information

P2 discuss the characteristics of good information

P3 explain the issues related to the use of information

M1 illustrate the information flow between different functional areas

M2 assess how issues related to the use of information affect an organisation

D1 explain how an organisation could improve the quality of its business information

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How A Business Works
Case study

North West Employment Agency (NWEA) is a recruitment agency that specialises in industrial and secretarial recruitment. It has expanded in recent years and has sought to offer an increased range of services. At the time of the study the company was already fairly large with 34 branches spread across the north west of England. The company operates in a largely decentralised manner through branch offices. Each branch office is headed up by a branch manager, while the company as a whole was headed by its owner. Operating procedures in the company were fairly standardised, allowing branch managers adequate authority to run their branches but expecting fairly similar structures to be adopted in each branch and data of a common type to be reported from each branch. Accounting is done centrally at head office.

The branch managers are responsible for the operation of their branches. Working for them is from 2 to 5 consultants, a clerical assistant and a location administrator. The consultants deal with client companies (simply called, clients, in the company jargon) and applicants for employment, trying to match personnel to job vacancies.

There are two types of consultants
Recruitment consultants dealing with the placement of full time, permanent, personnel
Temporary staff managers dealing with temporary personnel
The clerical assistant does the routine work such as filling out time sheets and compiling wages figures for the temporary personnel placed by the office with clients. The location administrator does mainly typing jobs such as preparing CVs to be sent to clients.

The agency has decided to take actions to improve the way in which it handles the task of temporary personnel placement. Since the business area is growing faster than the agency has anticipated and projections indicate that there will be an increase in the volume of business during the next two years. Most branch managers feel that the information handling in this area is inefficient, creating tension within the branches as well as contributing to a growing reputation for poor service.

Each branch has a couple of desktops with word processing software for handling the typing tasks but