The Importance Of Weight Loss Essay

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Emily Carel
A recurring problem in my life that I would like to manage is my weight; I have been defining my problem as “a need to count calories”. I believe that I need to redefine this problem as “a need to get healthy”. When counting calories I would focus on eating whatever I wanted as long as it did not exceed my calorie number. I still ate fast food and unhealthy foods while feeling I had accomplished what I needed to, when in reality I was not accomplishing my weight loss goals.
If I redefine the problem as “a need to get healthy” then I would have to focus on the healthier food options while still counting calories. Maybe start choosing water as the healthier alternative to soft drinks. Instead of the hamburger and fries choose a chef salad. I would also have to start an exercise program to get healthy. Instead of sitting on the coach watching Netflix on my computer I could use the stationary bike and bike for the duration of the show or movie that I am watching. As the weather warms up I could take my camera to the park and walk a trail while enjoying my passion for photography. All of these options should result in weight control.
By redefining my problem as not just calorie counting and looking at the bigger picture of my health, I would be able to benefit in more ways than one. There is of course the losing weight benefit but also strengthening myself. I have had several back surgeries and I know that weight loss and exercise would make recovery and