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1 – Explain what your Actual or Perceived Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries are as a Teacher in Terms of the Teaching Cycle

1.1 Explain Own Role, Responsibilities and Boundaries of Own Role As a Teacher
The Teaching cycle consist of five stages between teacher and learner, which continues throughout the course. These are:- Identifying needs and initial assessment, Plan and design learning, Deliver and facilitate, Assess and finally Evaluate and action plan.

In my role and responsibilities as a teacher in terms of the teaching cycle, is foremost to know and understand the teaching cycle which starts with the course aims ad objectives. Ensure the lessons are well planned, structured and suited to the needs of the learners. This is to ensure that all learners understand the delivered course/session, all aims and outcomes are met, constructive feedback is given, have a two-way communication and all records are kept and recorded. I would be delivering and constantly reviewing each of the above throughout each lesson and the entire course.

Initially, I will assess the learners through their Initial assessments, this will help me identify their needs, strengths and/or weaknesses and will help me to start planning the course and integrate all the information that I gathered into my lesson plans. I will adopt the best training techniques aimed at the correct levels and ability for my learners, to include Visual, Audio and Kinasesthetic.
I will then work on planning each lesson, and start to produce my Scheme of Work and lesson Plans, establishing the Aims and outcomes and consider what resources I require for the different types of learners in the class. What assessment methods I will use at the end and during each lesson and plan the training environment ie what style and layout of the classroom I need, health and safety issues and adequate facilities.
The delivery of the lesson is then considered. Create what teacher and learner methods/approaches I am going to use according to the learners learning styles. The pace and pitch needs to be at the correct level for the learners abilities, introducing icebreakers, creating a rapport with the learners and establishing the classroom dynamics.
Assessments are then done throughout the course, dealing with any problems and setbacks as they arise, helping learners feel comfortable in their learning environment. Giving them feedback as a group and as individuals throughout the lesson and welcoming feedback from them, using this to evaluate and reflect on my teaching and teaching strategies, and being enthusiastic, clear and concise within my teaching.

The basic aspect of any Credit Controller is to primarily chase debts, and ensure all debts are controlled and paid in a timely manner.

My role and responsibilities is to ensure that all learners understand the key issues faced and how to overcome them.

I work from an overdue list, which I update manually every week, via an Excel spreadsheet. I then go down this list and contact each Debtor individually by either telephone or email. Because I work in the Construction industry, I liaise a lot with Architects, Quantity Surveyors, and Contract Managers, together with the accounts staff. Each debt usually presents its own problem as to why it will not be paid on time, it is therefore my responsibility to ensure these issues are dealt with and resolved so payment is made. Whilst you need to be firm, there are some debtors in which you form relationships with and who you work for a lot, therefore leniency and the gentle approach is key. Whist others you know as being “difficult /bad payers“ who simply don’t pay for whatever reason, you need to handle more firmly, and if necessary, formal letters are sent and even referred to Solicitors for collection.

A number of boundaries need to be met whilst teaching, for example, acknowledging students whilst teaching but not allowing interruptions, mobile phones need to be