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Assignment 1: Article Analysis “Poverty and the Environment"
Assignment 1
Mohamed Jalloh
Strayer University.
Professor Mrabet

In this paper we will be discussing the article “Poverty and the Environment" (Anup Shah, 2005). There is a close relationship between poverty and environmental conditions, because low-income sectors are most exposed to risk factors and environmental vulnerability. Some causes are industrial pollution in water, soil, air, food and even electromagnetic, others are flooding, use and contact with chemicals and other toxic substances near accumulations of waste or landfills, climate change among the most relevant. How the pollution affect the health of the population.
All these problems and environmental changes have direct and indirect effects on people, bio accumulate and are very dangerous to the health of the population, especially the children who are most affected. The World Health Organization concluded that the medium contaminated or degraded environment brings about 24% of deaths in children aged 0-14 years in the world, (Adriana, 2009) while still highest infant mortality in poor or developing countries.
The most common diseases related to environmental degradation and poverty are; rashes, diarrhea, respiratory infections ,malaria, cholera , hantavirus , symptoms and conditions related to the accumulation in the body of lead, chromium, and other heavy metallic diseases, bad genetic formations in infants and children and many other health disorders . An adverse environment, poor nutrition and poor sanitation are a lethal mix that claims millions of lives every year in the world and could be avoided.
Unquestionably the relationship between environment and health of people, for this reason, local and national governments should invest in improving and restoring environmental conditions. If not able to perform this task, you should move populations to safe and healthy places to not continue to live in areas of high environmental vulnerability and so they can have a proper and dignified quality of life. Environmental degradations;
Natural resources are not only essential for life (clean air, fertile land, trees that transform carbon dioxide into oxygen). They also represent the essential economic resource of hundreds of millions of people. The degradation caused by erosion, the use or abuse of chemicals, overgrazing, or salting derived from mismanagement of water resources results in a decrease in the income of small farmers and condemns them to poverty. Poverty leads to deforestation, by the injudicious use of wood and other resources needed for cooking, heating, housing construction and the manufacture of objects. Deforestation deprives them of vital resources to the most vulnerable and accelerates the process that links poverty and environmental degradation.
Air pollution, water and earth not only destroy economic assets, but it is also a threat to the health of the inhabitants. Air pollution caused by polluting production techniques used by the poor to ignorance or inability to invest in technologies that respect the environment, is also responsible for the warming of the earth and climate changes that poor countries cannot afford to combat. Poverty is also confined to the rural poor in marginal lands, contributing to accelerated erosion of soils due to lack of resources. Poor neighborhoods cannot organize garbage collection, which accumulate and impair the health of citizens.
The misuse of energy resources leads to wastage and increased cost of energy levels that make it inaccessible to the poor. Universal access to basic education and vocational training , the dissemination of information in the communities on appropriate farming methods, waste management and natural resources, protection of coastal areas, the management of water resources and fisheries are critical for poverty reduction and limitation of its