Assignment 1 Mini Speech Essay examples

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Do any of you have that one thing that you can’t put down? That one thing that you could literally say is you life? For me it’s my tennis racket. I play tennis because of family, school and health. I have been playing tennis since I was 3 years old. That right, 3 years old! The fact that I started playing tennis might have to do with the fact that my dad, my grandpa, and my great grandpa played tennis. Even my stepdad plays tennis. My dad was 23 in the world and my stepdad was 100. I guess you can say tennis runs in the blood. On top of all that all 4 of my brothers play tennis. Our family should get an award for the most amounts of family members who play tennis. Maybe that’s why I love tennis so much. I don’t only play tennis because I love it, don’t get me wrong I do love it, but since a very young age I have had one dream and that’s to go to USC. I don’t just want to just go to USC I want to get there on a full scholarship using tennis. As I have grown up I have learned about different schools. Don’t get me wrong I still want to go to USC, but another one of my options is UCLA. They are both great schools. Considering the fact that my stepdad went to USC he wouldn’t be too happy if I went to UCLA. I would be sad if I didn’t get a full ride to either schools but I like to know that I worked hard at something. All these years tennis has kept me in shape. Not only that, it has also kept me very healthy. To be able to move well on the court I have to eat well too so I