Assignment 1: My Philosophy Of Early Childhood Education

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Educational Philosophy

To: Sheryl
From: Rachel Garrow
Date: November 9, 2015
Class: ECED-3003-ECE1

My overall belief about who children are, families and my role in the community as an Early Childhood Educator is that all children are competent and capable. I believe that play-based learning is the best way for children to learn and discover. Just like Jean Piaget, I believe that all children are like little scientists. They question everything and look at everything differently. It is my job to help them discover the answers and learn through play. Life is made out of moments, as an Early Childhood Educator I need to make every moment count for children. I believe every second a child is in my care can be a teachable moment
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I will identify and explain my roles and responsibilities of myself and co-workers. I will always live by and incorporate my personal philosophy within the classroom. I will always continue to develop my philosophy of early learning in accordance with ethical and professional standards of early education practice. I will comply with the College of Early Childhood Educators Standard of Practice and Code of Ethics. I will advocate for quality early learning environments and collaborate with fellow team members, families and the community to establish and promote such settings. I will use resources and maintain an ongoing professional development plan in accordance with evidence-based practice to come up with new ideas and …show more content…
(Pearson, Rita F)

“Children must learn how to think, not what to think.”
(Mead, Margaret)

“Play is the highest form of research.
(Einstein, Albert)

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