Assignment 1: Organizational Assessment

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Organizational Assessment
The organization that I will provide an in-depth assessment is a large, faith-based agency active in the United States and abroad. A wide variety of services are offered by this organization to support individuals and families, including: assistance with emergency needs (e.g. utility assistance, food boxes), crisis (e.g., relief following a natural disaster), housing and shelter for vulnerable populations (e.g., individuals without homes, women who have endured interpersonal violence). There are also dedicated departments to serve veterans, elderlies and human trafficking victims. In the United States, the organization is divided into four regional territories: Western, Eastern, Southern and Central. The state of Arizona is a part of the Southern territory; specifically, the City of Bisbee where I am currently completing my
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Therefore, some of our volunteers have difficulty accessing portions of the intake process that require a computer and internet access. In these scenarios, they have to rely on borrowing another church’s office or utilize their personal equipment. We are also discussing allocating our funds to buy some of these administrative equipment in our next meeting. Since I am interning this semester, I am completing the majority of the administrative paperwork and safekeeping, such as filing all the paperwork with client information in a locked cabinet, tracking our expenses and records and completing monthly reports requested by our Divisional Headquarter. When I am no longer in this position, procedures need to be in place to secure a central facility to store our paperwork. If one is not available at another church, the SEU may have to consider renting an office space, which would greatly reduce our ability to assist the community due to our increased