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Q: Explain the direct marketing code of practice?
ANS: Firstly, we talk about code of practice; many consumer businesses are depending on code of practice. Moreover it is mandatory for a consumer to believe in their dealings and there are many strict rules and regulation or guidelines on how business are involved in their marketing activities. On the other hand, the businesses which are fitted in the practices are acting in a fair and ethical matter.
Q: Explain the direct marketing association’s guidelines for ethical business practices?
ANS: The direct marketing association’s guidelines for ethical business practices honest to client as much you can and give him/her best knowledge. And take the best outcome of customer must be use a good talking sense with your customer and satisfy the customer as your best.
Q: What is a code of practice?
ANS: Written guidelines issued by an official body or a professional association to its members to help them completely with standards. Reference
Q: Explain why a business should follow a code of practice?
ANS: Because it makes good relation between customer and company and with the help of electronics messages the customer must know about the knowledge and the updates of the products in the market. It also give rid of junk mails and from irritating door to door salesman. So messages are the best way to tell the customer about the products and services. Q: What is the name of the national legislation that protects consumer’s rights?
ANS: The national legislation that protect consumer rights under the privacy act as they have right to know that from where the company got their personal information they can also make them stop from contacting them for direct market.

Q: What is considered to be confidential information?
ANS: Confidential information means the whole information of the items which should be safe and private for example such as, images, audio materials and documents and also kept privacy to every conversation especially in client professional relationship and it has only right to the owner who share or authorize the sharing of private items. , and we don’t want to share with anyone.
Q: What rights do consumers have under the privacy act?
ANS: Under the privacy act consumers right to make the case at competition commission or Australian security and investment commission and they can also deactivate from e-messages by using DND services. Reference QIBA
Q: Discuss how each of the following impacts on the marketing activities you under including research:
a) Anti-discrimination legislation and the…