Assignment 1 Trends in the Workplace Essay

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Assignment 1: Trends in the Workplace
DJhonna M. Jones
Human Resource Management Foundations
July 14, 2013

In this first assignment a prediction of three human resource functions that are likely to be affected by an implementation of the MRP system will be listed. A proposal of two different ways the Human Resource Manager can help the organization adapt to this change successfully will be added. There will be a determination of three human resource skills that are important to the success of the leverage of the new MRP system. Finally based on the planned growth of the organization, there will be a prediction of three factors that may impact the organizations ability to hire new employees. These employees must possess the technical skills to perform a particular job.

The MRP or Materials Resource Management relies on three sources of information; there is the bill of materials, a master schedule, and an inventory records file (INC., 2013). This data can provide a base line of information in order to determine the personnel needs within a given time frame. Because the MRP provides information on the net requirements during a given period of a planning set it can provide what personnel requirements are needed to fulfill that particular company goal. This helps Human Resource Managers determine where there is a need in the workforce in order to make that goal a reality.
In using an MRP system the firm assists its Human Resource department in developing an analysis and design of work. This later assists the HR department in recruiting the best individuals for the positions available or in need within the firm. In addition to later assisting in the recruiting process it assists in giving the HR department a list of skills or required skills that can be used in the training and development of professionals within the firm.
Two different ways that a Human Resource Manager can assist their firm in adapting to the use of MRP programs is introducing a method for employees to acquire higher computer education. Because the MRP systems are often a high technological computer system that is introduced to a company to facilitate a quality or productivity improvement initiative, personnel are required to operate the system. The best way to handle this is to teach personnel on board how to use the system in order to streamline operations within their department. In addition to additional training, hiring new personnel with the experience or education in the computer system can assist in alleviating any issues with incorporating the MRP computer system.
There are three particular human resource skills that would be important in the accomplishment of the company introducing the MRP system. The first and foremost is training of personnel. In training the personnel on the use and importance of the MRP system the HR department is including the personnel in the predicted success of the company therefore ensuring their own success. This provides the personnel with a personal investment in the outcome of using the MRP system. Another method of ensuring the success of the firm on the part of the HR department is when purchasing the MRP program, HR is making sure that the MRP is tailored as much as possible to the needs of the firm. With a more personalized system the firm is potentially able to realize such benefits as price completion, a reduction in sales prices as well as inventory and improved customer service (Cheng, 1997). This is just to name a few. HR can also assist in by using incentives to attract potential applicants with computer system education or experience in order to facilitate the growth of the company’s use of the MRP system. Incentives can include but are not restricted to, education benefits, flex hours, medical and dental benefits that include family members and other opportunities. Finally, HR can use a