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I often wonder how I want to spend the rest of my life. My dream has always been and still is to explore the vast oceans of the world and uncover the many mysteries that still lay hidden beneath the waters’ surface. I am at the time of my life where my decisions will pave the way for my future either “Good” or “Bad”, and to have what most people in the Marine Biology field want, a satisfying life that revolves around aquatic life. Unlike other comrade marine biologists, I didn’t quite spend much time as a child fiddling through tide pools or take many field trips upon a vessel. I grew up quite removed from the ocean even though I did grow up in Corpus Christi which is known as a Coastal City but I still knew little of it. However, I did have an opening into the ocean and it was looking through a very thick pane of glass, at the Texas State Aquarium to be precise over in my home town of Corpus Christi, TX. Dolphins, Otters, moon jellies and cow-nose stingrays were all members of a microcosm of the ocean that unfolded right before my eyes in our aquarium. I remember staying behind from the rest of the class and would spend hours walking around the exhibits of these fascinating animals as they went about their daily lives. Maybe some of this enthusiasm sparked my passion to earn a degree and become a Marine Biologist? Perhaps, it wasn’t until my sophomore year of High School, after finishing and excelling an Aquatic Science class, that I had found that spark that led me in my senior year to apply to Texas A&M at Galveston on continuing my path to become a Marine Biologist. TAMUG has a specific core curriculum for each individual degree plan that are used to satisfy the requirements needed. It is best that each student check with their program advisors to ensure specific details In this regard. The core curriculum utilizes six skills shown to be effective and helps students focus in the preparation for the real world when seeking job placement, real world experience and integration into main stream society. The following six skills will be utilized during the academic experience: Critical thinking, communication, empirical and quantitative skills, teamwork, personal and social responsibilities. In addition these skills will be practiced and developed over time within the context of 42 semester credit hours which will be assigned to eight Foundational Component Areas. These Foundational Component Areas which will in turn be made up of a selection of courses that are designed to the Texas Core Curriculum. In reading the Foundational Component Areas that will be assigned I was thinking to myself what would be the most and least challenging? I would have to say that Most challenging to me would be-Communication (Writing) and Least- I would say is Natural Science. My reasoning for selecting Communication (Writing) as being the most challenging I would have to say is that throughout my school academics, I’ve been asked to write a variety of writing assignments. I have always had a disliking in writing as I have always had great difficulty in getting started. Each assignment either had to meet a certain page requirement or had a topic I found difficult to relate to. That wasn’t even the main reason, the main reason was Myself, I couldn’t figure out how to lead off, start a new paragraph or follow the topic. Every time I’d hear we were given an essay I would get so nervous that I would psyche myself out and have a major meltdown. Obviously you can see I did the assignments, but that’s only because I would do the minimum to get by only because I didn’t see myself as being able to write that A or B type of paper. The least challenging there is not much to say about it however I would have to say that it’s Natural Science. From what I’ve researched about Natural science I would see it as being the least challenging Why? It’s…