Essay about Assignment 1 for CS105

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Assignment 1 for CS105
Jean, a former pharmacist, is now the network administrator for the LM Pharmacy in the town of Paris, Virginia. His duties include enabling the electronic transfer of information between health care providers (i.e., doctors and hospitals), patients, and the pharmacy itself. One of Jean’s most important responsibilities is to protect health information in accordance with federal law and the pharmacy’s privacy policy.
On July 14, during a family vacation on Martinique, a small Caribbean island, Jean’s nephew Pierre is bitten by an exotic tropical insect and suffers a severe allergic reaction. From his knowledge as a former pharmacist Jean is aware that Pierre is at
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First,if anyone can intrude the security system use their professional right ,many important information will lose and many people’s privacy will be violated.And people will not believe professional person anymore.
Second,if someone want to kill themselves the may forge the prescription and get some sleepingm pills,so it may even cause more people’s death.
Third, if any one use their power of profession to do things they want ,No profession will be trust anymore and the order of the society will be commpletely disrupted.
Fourth,some criminal may forge the prescription to get some anesthetics or some medincines which have poison and commit a crime with them.
Fifth,some people may think it is expensive to see the doctor ,so they write the medicine which they think can cure their ilness on the prescription and get them.However sometimes some medicines may cause chemical reaction and produce the poison when they meet together.And some medicine may not be suitable for some person, for example ,some people may be allergic to peniclillin.So without getting the permission of doctor,if we can get any medicine we want (but we do not have the knowledge of medicine) it will cause many serious accidents and even kill more and more people.
Finally,If everyone follow this rule, the pharmacy will not trust prescription anymore,so the prescription become useless .
So ,in conclusion,the harms cause by the rule will outweigh the benefits