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Birth Defects
Are you pregnant of do you know someone that is? If so you may want to pay attention/ many people think of birth defects as things that happen to other people. They don't. Birth defects can, and do happen to anyone regardless of age, sex, race, economic status, or education. Birth defects occur in one out of 28 births. There are about 4000 different birth defects. Today I will discuss 3 main different birth defects there causes and there effects. One in 691 are born with Down syndrome. Babies that develop Down syndrome have extra sets of chromosomes. There are different types of Down Syndrome one being Mosaic Down syndrome which is a combination of one with the normal number of chromosomes, and one with an extra number 21. Not only do babies have birth defects such as Down syndrome or Mosaic Down syndrome but also 1 out of 940 are born with cleft lip. This occurs when the lip does not join completely before birth. Children that suffer from cleft lip may also have cleft palate. In addition to Cleft lip babies can develop Gastrochisis. 1 in 2229 unborn babies develop Gastrochisis. Gastrochisis is when the muscles that make up the babies abdominal wall do not form correctly. A hole will occur which allows the intestines and other organs to extend outside of the body.
While these are the effects the babies have to go through; these 3 birth defects are the highest that have been studied. The effects that the babies have while suffering from Down syndrome is a flattened face, especially the bridge of the nose. A cause of a baby having cleft lip is women that smokes. Women who smoke during pregnancy are more likely to have a baby with a cleft lip rather that women who