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Assignment brief
Pod cast – Critical Evaluation, 5mins. Individually you should evaluate the delivery of your actual presentation, including your speaking skills, the design and content of your slides and narrative, and the overall impression given. Take into account feedback from tutors and peers and your own thoughts and comparisons with other students’ presentations, prepare a script. You should include:

i) Evaluation of own presentation ii) Suggestions for future improvement

and then deliver a 5 min pod cast using your mobile phone ( Or UCS Resources); save the presentation and send it to your email and then on for assessment. Your pod cast will be strictly timed and must last no longer 5.5 mins and be no shorter than 4.5 mins.

Evaluate the delivery of presentation.
Speaking skills
The Design
Content of slides
Overall impression given

Take into account:
Feedback from tutors
Feedback from peers
Own thoughts
Comparisons with others student's presentation


Hi there and welcome to my podcast. I am Alex Meredith and am going to be analysing, evaluating and, overall, discussing the presentation I took part in on the 17th of April 2013. I took part in a presentation into the subject of models of communications of which I did so with the help of my partner Dean Phillips.

I shall first start by discussing how I believe the presentation went and look into the issues in which to improve upon for the next time I have to give a presentation. The first place I am going to start is within the powerpoint which was used in conjunction to the presentation. An area which was highlighted by a peer was where the presentation focused upon some areas too much and others not enough.

An example of this was where the presentation focused too much time on defining what communication is and not enough into explaining the models or even using other models as examples such as the Shannon and Weaver model or Berlo's model of communication. This can be based on other group's presentations which included much broader depth in the models to the degree of including a role-play of how a model works which I thought was a decent idea. By using other models this would have enabled me to compare and contrast the theories and in general have a wider range of knowledge on how there are different views on how communication operates and come to a more informed decision.

In our presentation we used a minute and a half video from the Da Vinci code to illustrate communication and how the perception of the recipient plays an important role. On reflection, even though I believed it added a sense of individuality to our presentation as no other group used a video as part of their presentation, it did take away from the opportunity to spend greater time concentrating on the models of communication as opposed to an introduction to a subject that the audience is obviously well educated in, as they have each had to prepare a presentation themselves.

Leading on from this the amount of text used on slides could also have been reduced. By going through the powerpoint more frequently and ensuring that I knew a lot of what was originally on the slides this could have meant that less would have needed to be on the powerpoint and instead would have been said by me or Dean.

Onto the delivery of the presentation, I was aware that throughout my presentation I have a tendency to step side-to-side whilst speaking. I believe this is done to nerves but it's effect is that it makes it hard for the audience to concentrate on me whilst I am speaking. If I would have rehearsed more I believe I would felt more relaxed and it would have made it easier to stand still. Also the matter of looking at the screen instead of the monitor in front of me was highlighted which again makes it harder to concentrate on me but instead the audience is unsure of where to look. Looking at the monitor would have been easier but not having to look at the powerpoint itself, other