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The Public Needs to Know – Revised Version
Robbie A Johnson
Gabriel Smith
08/07/15 Obesity in the United States has reached epidemic proportions, creating the first generation of children in history which is predicted to have a shorter lifespan than their parents( There are many long-term health problems obese children may develop as they continue into adulthood. In an organized effort to fight child obesity in today's schools, the Arkansas state school board has implemented a new breakfast and lunch program that promotes good nutrition and overall health. Obesity can begin at a very young age. Children may be screened by the age of 2( Many children in our society are overweight, setting themselves up for serious health problems later in life. Diabetes, cancer, high blood pressure, and heart disease are some of the risks. Overweight children also feel less happy, more anxious, and face the possibility of harassment and discrimination. Credit may be given to genetic evolution or hereditary as the sole cause, therefore developing a slower metabolism to retain nutrients longer. However, there are many variables that play a role in its development. High sugar, calorie dense foods seem to be a prime factor here. The sugar in these foods first goes directly into the blood stream, then into the liver, finally becoming stored in fat cells. This newly state-funded program sets to reform the breakfast and lunch that is offered to today's youths. This program will cut the costs of meals while offering a healthy, nutrient-enriched alternative. A new standard will be utilized to determine the qualifications for free and reduced lunches under this program. Breakfast meals will be chosen from the following list: banana slices, apple slices, toast, grapes, oatmeal, strawberries, 2% milk, and orange juice. Likewise, items for lunch may consist of: grilled chicken, grilled fish, baked potatoes,rolls, salad, watermelon slices, and sandwich halves (bacon, lettuce, tomato). A drink fountain will be installed in the cafeteria, allowing students to choose a beverage with their meal. Their possible choices will be Gatorade, lemonade, tea, water, and V8 fruit juice. All beverages will have artificial sweetener in place of real sugar. Studies conducted by the Weight-control Information Network suggest that regular diet and exercise promote a healthy lifestyle( It is imperative that children remain active to ensure the success of this program and the health