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The Legal Drinking Age in the United States

There are more and more college students would like to support the legal drinking age in the United States lowered form 21. The reasons behind of this are they could enjoy the legal drink as soon as they go to college, and they could get away from trouble in the underage drinking. “People drink anyway, and there is a way to buy a fake ID” from one underage drinker. There does lots of countries has the legal drinking age 18, and it’s another reason why lots of people could break this law without any guilty. An online webpage state that “legal Age 21 has failed utterly at its goal of protecting young people from the dangers of excessive alcohol use.”(“Choose Responsibility”) However, the legal drinking age in the United States should still remain the same as 21. The main reason is that young adults could cause more and more problems if they drink at the legal age before 21.

Legal drinking age changing to the lower age won’t prevent young adults get in trouble with the law. Moreover, law changing may cause more teens go into trouble. In American society, many teenagers look a few years older than they actually are. The legal age is 18 let them have a wrong belief that they could pass at 18 easily since the whole country is reducing the limitation. Another aspect of accessibility of alcohol by legal age drinker but distribute to young teens also need to be considered. Lowing the age would not limit some young teens consume alcohol, but rather increase their ability to obtain alcohols illegally. They could ask their 18 years old friend to buy the alcohol for them. Since they are all both not old enough to make the right decision, and as consequence they are unable to make a choice so responsibly. By starting drinking at 18 or 19, students will be able to build a tolerance to alcohol and when they go to college they already are experienced drinkers.

Many kids who go to college would use alcohol as comfort to compensate for loneliness and stressful classes, and this situation would even get worse if the legal age changed to 18. Some people argue that if they could control themselves very well for not drinking at illegal age, and the 18 drinking age works. However, the peer influence on alcohol use cannot be ignored. As kids get older, they spend more and more time with their friends in school, and most of them would resist the attempts of their parents to control the selection of their friends. Students who want to be freedom from parental control or seek to establish a peer network have the potential exposed to the alcohol based social activity. Even you never drink before college, but it’s hard to say you would never drink in college.

Lowing the legal drinking age may create a good condition for them to abuse alcohol. Imagine they could have binge drinking legally, and no one would stop each other. More and more innocent lives are taken by drinking accidents such as drinking driving. It’s no wonder why the drinking age is enforced. In another aspect, the legal drinking age is protecting some of