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Assignment 2-
Task 1
Name of company- Apple
Name of product/service- Iphone6

Description of chosen product-
Iphone 6 is the latest smartphone technology with brand new features which no other phone similar to the Iphone has. Prices starting from- £539
Type of customer-
Business people
Wealthy people with large houses and a large amount of money in bank (Acorn)
Young people
People that like technology
High income families
City sophisticates (Acorn)- younger professionals living in smaller houses or flats
Why is this group of customers chosen?
Ability to pay
Wants to keep up with the new technology
Needs to be able to connect to internet and email
These groups of customers I have chosen are because they like the luxuries I life and the highest and best quality products. Apple are really high end products that everyone wants, which therefore means these types of customers want the best. On the other hand, they can be loyal customers who stick to the brand Apple, and buy all their technology from there, EG, laptops, computers, iPods and phones.

How this group out customers is targeted?
Advertisement- on TV, or on the internet
Product placement- when you see celebrities holding an IPhone that will make others want one/on TV hearing the noise
Advertisement on the TV for example on channels such as ITV or Disney channel from 3pm onwards, as this is the main times in which children and families are usually watching TV.
They are also targeting through supermarkets and their promotions in magazines and newspapers, such as the Sun and the Mirror which middle class and working people are reading, Name of company- Cadbury’s

Name of product/service- Easter eggs
Description of chosen product-
An egg given to children at Easter, usually a chocolate egg or a hen's egg with its shell painted

Type of customer-
Steady neighbourhoods (Acorn) families (average income)
Successful suburbs (Acorn) comfortable families

Why is this group of customers chosen?

Firstly, as all private sector business priority their main aims with choosing these types of customers is to make a profit. Also, it is a tradition that is passed down, by different generations that kids will get Easter eggs at Easter. We are currently in a time where there is a growing population, this means more young people; this widens the market and increases sales for Cadburys. Finally, there is a large profit margin due to the amount of people who buy them as it is not just children that enjoy Easter Eggs and older people, such as grandparents like to buy them for their grandchildren.
How this group out customers is targeted?

These types of customers are targeted through TV advertisement, for example ITV or Disney channel from 3pm onwards where mainly children and families are watching TV. They are also targeted through supermarkets and their promotions in magazines and newspapers, such as in the Sun and Mirror which working and middle class people mostly buy in shops.

Name of company-Tesco

Own product- nappies(BCB)
Description- Tesco’s own value nappies support babies through their early days, they are made in sizes 4-20 nappies are included. Sold at around £1.41

Type of customer-

Difficult circumstances (Acorn) for example single parents or people with low income

Why is this group of customers chosen?
These customers which I have chosen are because Tesco’s overall aim is to make a profit and gain customers loyalty. By providing their customers with a cheaper option they are appealing to every type of customers with all different budgets on weekly shops. As well as this some people believe that their own value is just as good as other high quality products, therefore a lot more people buy them than you would expect.
How this group of customers is targeted?
They are targeted through TV advertisement’s usually around 7-8am in the mornings and 4pm in the afternoon, as this is when people are mostly likely to see the adverts. Also, they are targeted through